This racy and hilarious physical theatre spectacle is sopping wet as it takes you deep into a disco fuelled distopia. Join us on our hunt for a glass of water in a world where the billionaires splash about and the working class toil in the soil. It's all dribbling, all squelching, all moist performance art from a diverse range of thirst traps. Developed by Timothy Christopher Ryan and The Mighty Caesar.
Performed by The Mighty Caesar, Reece Cooper, Timothy Christopher Ryan and Peter Welters.

CLICK HERE to see enter our choose-your-own-adventure story based on the Moist story. Supported by the Burning Seed Arts Foundation and performed by the Scratch Arts community of artists from across Australia. Special featured performances by Benji Hoopman, Aslam Abdus Samad, The Mighty Caesar and Timothy Christopher Ryan.

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Adelaide Fringe. 9pm 16th - 20th March at Adelaide Town Hall.
Midsumma. 9pm 20th - 24th April & 27th April - 1st May at Mission to Seafarers.
Regional Vic. TBC.