This racy and hilarious physical theatre spectacle is sopping wet as it takes you deep into a disco fuelled distopia. It's all dribbling, all squelching, all moist performance art from a diverse range of thirst traps.

Developed by Timothy Christopher Ryan and The Mighty Caesar.

Performed by The Mighty Caesar, Reece Cooper, Timothy Christopher Ryan and Peter Welters.


                        Adelaide Adventurer
"Full of cheeky humour from the very charming performers, the show also makes great use of neon colours and blacklighting. Very camp, very gay, and very entertaining."

                        Fresh 927
"4 guys who do these bizzare stunts, bizzare routines."

                        Tim Lloyd
"Flagrantly come-on movement draws screams of delight from the audience, as in any Full Monty. This, too, is an irrepressibly happy show."

                        Upside Adelaide
"it was thoroughly entertaining, had the audience whooping, laughing and cheering and is perfect for those looking for something risqué but also silly."

                        The AU Review
"Adults that enjoy bubbles, water pistols and raunchy half-naked men need to book for Moist."

                        Glam Adelaide
"Moist is a very queer take on circus, at times just some stupid fun, but thoroughly amusing show."

                        The Advertiser
"As a title for this engaging, very silly romp, camper than row of pink frilly tents, it barely covers it."

Adelaide Fringe. 9pm 16th - 20th March at Adelaide Town Hall.
Midsumma. 9pm 20th - 24th April & 27th April - 1st May at Mission to Seafarers.

Adelaide Fringe. 22nd Feburary - 20th March at Latvian Hall.
Mount Gambier Fringe. 25th March at Mount Gambier Showgrounds.
South Side Festival. 6th - 7th May at Cube 37.