This is just a taste of our 4 largest projects.
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Over 2 weeks at the Mission to Seafarers we had 48 theatre shows, 5 breathwork sessions, 5 light & sound shows, 2 life drawing sessions, a beautiful exhibition and an amazing Blankë Pop party to wrap it all up.

In the middle of a pandemic we were able to pull off a huge hub of visual and performing arts from some of Victoria's best contemporary and queer artists. It was an absolute delight to have just shy of 3000 people come through the space and experience some wonderful art from the 104 artists involved.

Many thanks to the support from City of Melbourne, State Government of Victoria, The Mission to Seafarers - Victoria and The Village Festival.

Photography by Phil Soliman and Timothy Christopher Ryan.



Each year, since 2017, Scratch Arts has built, managed and presented a theatre and nightly cabarets at Australia's largest regional Burning Man event.

Working with a team of 30, each year we have created unique, contemporary and risque entertainment for a festival of over 5000 people. Our nightly cabarets have included performers from across Australia and the world - with some of the standouts being; NICA graduates with elaborate aerial performances, magicians sawing audience members in half, multiple burlesque dancers performing whilst washing a firetruck, a flame-throwing trumpeter and a piano built out of volunteer audience members' bodies connected to an elaborate system of wires. 

Our purpose built space has also provided many workshops, life drawing sessions, late night dance parties and a huge interactive UV reactive black-light installation called The Night Garden. This installation provides an otherworldly experience to escape to; built from 90% recycled materials it is a labyrinth among the trees where guests are invited to play or relax within the many hammocks.

Photography by Phil Soliman and Hannah Truloff.



Over the 2018 - 2019 summer, Scratch Arts held 10 special events in conjunction with Rubix Warehouse in Brunswick.

These events had a specific focus on artists from the Brunswick community and the surrounding suburbs - featuring performers, musicians, DJs, visual artists and crafting artists.

Misfit Mansion brought together a diverse audience who came together to dance, create, relax and be entertained as they wind down, wire up and weird out on the dancefloor.

Photography by Phil Soliman and Martin Cedes.



In 2015 Scratch Arts operated out of a large warehouse space in North Melbourne offering artist studios, a theatre, gallery, photography studio and a 300 capacity events space.

For two years Scratch Arts produced a diverse range of exhibitions, theatre shows, runway shows and events that drew staggering numbers. The space offered affordable opportunities for emerging and established Melbourne creatives whilst becoming a community hub for contemporary and queer cultural gatherings.