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The Business
of Art


This free two-day workshop, supported by the Victorian Government, has been developed to improve the business practices of emerging and mid-career artists. Our 4 facilitators presented the workshop in 14 towns across regional Victoria over July, August and September 2021.

Over two days the workshop the facilitators addressed a range of practical skills to assist artists in working towards generating a sustainable income from their practice. The topics included:

This workshop was open to any performing or visual artist in over the age of 18 or in year 12.

  • Marketing

  • Branding

  • Grant writing

  • Budgeting

  • Touring

  • Admin

  • Socials

  • Producing

  • Time management

  • Networking

  • Mental health

  • Festivals

  • Pricing work

  • Work life balance

  • Financial stability
  • Work space
  • Tough conversations
  • Creating opportunities
  • Commercial leasing

Meet the Team


Timothy Christopher Ryan is a producer of events and performances that are as perfectly executed as they are (often) preposterous. Ryan specialises in working on projects with experimental design and a contemporary edge – that is, the production of the unexpected. The events and performances that Timothy produces focus on the contemporary and queer, spotlighting the diversity of identity and creative expression of artists that might otherwise remain in the shadows of the mainstream. 

With over 13 years’ industry experience tucked into his cummerbund, Timothy Christopher Ryan has spearheaded a diversity of events Australia-wide.

Kathryn (AKA Camilla Cream) is a qualified teacher and marketing manager with over 15 years’ experience in both fields. Her knowledge along with her positive can-do attitude has taken her from strength to strength in the performance industry. She has built a recognisable and respectable performer brand, marketing business, online presence and approachable persona in the entertainment world.
Her penchant for working collaboratively with creatives, supporting her fellow professionals and performers, and enthusiasm for building the arts community in Australia has made her an asset to the local community.

Elizabeth (AKA Mis Friby) is one of Melbourne’s leading avante show makers and boutique entertainment providers. From curated house troupes and vignettes to full scale stage spectacles featuring live music and opulent costume, Miss Friby’s unique brand of cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville shows are a tornado of rigorous choreography and satirical bite, promising an unforgettable audience experience.

Gerard Geer is a sculptural artist with an insatiable curiosity for the anatomical inner workings of all things organic. Predominately using animal bones as his medium, his work combines skeletal articulation, chemistry, and fantasy to create intricately articulated works that conjure a slightly distorted reflection of nature. The cyclical processes of nature are reflected in Geer’s work. Just as animal remains decompose and nourish the environment, ultimately being redistributed into their ecological system, so too do his creations. Their bones are akin to building blocks, and on a chemical and physical level; are taken apart and reassembled into new forms. Through this process he breathes new life into the medium he works with, to create pieces that explore ideas of impermanence, mortality and rebirth.

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